Cherry Blossom Fall

This stunning cherry blossom tree design will add a gentle and loving touch to your little loves nursery or room. The cherry blossom flower comes in many colours however we specifically chose Pink as Pink is the main colour of the flower.
The Colour pink is a symbol of love and affection and this beautiful tree expresses exactly these types of emotions and feelings.

The Cherry Blossom Fall comes with 2 branches and 23 falling leaves.

Whoever sees the pink Sakura flower, it will instantly remind that person of feelings of love and gentleness.


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Did you know that the symbolism of the cherry blossom tree began in Japan, where they are also known as “sakura”.
A cherry blossom represents the fragility and the beauty of life.They also represent strong luck, good fortune and good things to come. Most importantly, The blossoms serve as emblems for affection and love. Not to mention, it is one of the most beautiful tree’s in the world.

We think this cherry blossom fall will make a great addition for your little ones room or Nursery.

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Full Pack, Single Branch

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  • 250gsm polyester fabric
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  • Starting at top of decal, peel 5-10cm from the backing without trying not to touch the sticky side. Then you can begin to place your decal on your desired area.
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