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Wall Decals

How do I install my wall decals?

Just peel of the decal from the backing and place it on the wall at your desired location. If you are not happy with the location, just peel off the wall and reapply till you are satisfied.

– Allow newly painted walls at least 4 weeks to air before application.
– DO NOT use on bubbling paint as the surface must be clean, dry and free from things like dust, oil and grease.
– Apply ONLY to dry, smooth and clean surface.
– IT IS NOT recommended to use our decals on textured or porous surfaces like brick.

If still unsure, please email us at and we will happily send a sample for you to trial on your wall.

Preparation for installation of wall decals?

  • Clean wall & dry thoroughly
  • Do not use any chemicals or cleaning solutions.

  • An extra pair of hands for larger decals

  • A stepladder if applying high on walls
  • PLEASE NOTE – Do not remove the backing until you have worked out placement of the decals
  • Starting at the top of your decal, peel roughly 10cm from the backing without touching the adhesive side. Stick the first 10cm to the wall and slowly peel off the rest.
  • If you are not happy with the position of the decal, gently remove and reposition it. This can be done multiple times.
  • Press down firmly to ensure the decal is stuck on nicely to the wall.
  • PLEASE NOTE – Do not dispose of the backing as it may be required for future transport of your decals.
  • Our decals can be overlapped without damaging the decals or your wall.

Are the decals re-useable?

Erva Creative decals are 100% removable and reusable. If you do want to remove your decals ensure that you carefully peel them from the wall and then re-apply to your backing liner.

Can I overlap my decal?

Yes, most definitely. Our decals our 100% safe to overlap over other decals and will not damage them. Just remove gently so no damage is caused.


When will I receive my order?

As all of our products are made to order please allow up to 2-3 days for shipment to be posted.

Will my decal get damaged while in shipping?

All of our products are shipped in either tubes or padded boxing so no damage is caused to them during freight. If you have received a damaged product, please take photos of it and send to us so we can replace it for you.

Has my order been shipped ? and When will I receive my order?

All orders will be dispatched within 3-5 days.  Australia Post has a standard delivery time of 2-5 working days for orders within Australia. At this stage, we are delivering only AUSTRALIA wide, we are working on delivering WORLDWIDE.

I havent received an email to confirm my order?

If you havent received an email from us to confirm your order, then you may have mistyped your email address whilst placing the order. Please check your spam folder also. Email us at so we can make sure that we have received your order.


Can I refund or exchange my order?

All of our products are made to order, so they cannot be refunded.


Products can not be exchanged unless the order has been damaged during postage. If that is the case, we will greatly offer a replacement of the original order. Unfortunetly, an exchange for another product cannot be made..

To complete a replacement return, we will require a receipt or proof of purchase.
Please notify us of any damaged items within 48 hours. When returning your items, place all unused products in the same condition that you received it and also in the same original package.

If you need to discuss a faulty product and replacement, please email us at

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